gunna get a top hat, a monacle and a cane and go to the zoo and try to buy all the animals

otherkin is my new favorite thing cause it’s sort of funny that someone says they’re a tree but it’s super funny when someone gets overly upset because someone called themselves a tree

i keep misreading as #getdannydevitoto700 ngl



marina is a joke stealer

I put up an ad on fiverr for personal assistant. You you or your business friends need any virtual work done for five bucks let them know how professional and amazing I am. 

Thanks, yo.

I was going to start watching Game of Thrones so Marina told me to block GoT spoilers. So I did but then I forgot and then I saw a blocked post for ‘got spoilers’ and I thought it was like ‘don’t read this, it’s got spoilers.’

You're all for fighting patriarchy and racism so you fuck some white dude? Yeah, tell that white boy how fucked up he is before you make him orgasm. That will show him. You are undoubtedly the Queen of irony and morons. You're nothing but talk.



If I was Fred Savage I would still be talking about that time I kissed Jenny Lewis.

the first one omg

I ordered A Goofy Movie and they sent me An Extremely Goofy Movie.

I was very upset.

Hey I did the six selfies tag because marinashutup tagged me and I feel like she genuinely wants to see my face.

I’m tagging people I’m pretty sure haven’t been tagged yet. thatzak, maxwelln, friendswobenefits, lauradoestheastro, alphachumbucket, nowwearealltom


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